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I’m still excited from a demonstration my colleague Gerard and I delivered to the senior management team at the College on the Apple classroom.
We had an Apple TV box (retails around £90) and a couple of iPads and iPhones. We starting off discussing exactly what Apple TV is. We currently have a store of around 1000 videos recorded through the ERA license. Apple TV would give us the opportunity to easily stream this content to any of the classrooms with an Apple TV box. If you haven’t seen these boxes before, they are very small and discreet and so simple to set up. Speak to your local RSC as we borrowed one from ours as part of their loan scheme.
We then looked at the potential of mirroring devices. With Apple TV and AirPlay you can display on the front of classroom screen any content from the devices in the room. So students could be working on content at home and come into class, demonstrating their knowledge by flipping the content of their phone on to the front of the class. So in our demo, our Principal found it very easy to show one of her apps to us all.
We then discussed how the dynamic of the classroom is completely changed using this technology. Teachers are no longer anchored to the front of the screen, and are instead free to move around the room. Using apps like Nearpod teachers can send content to the devices of the students, including presentations and assessments.
We used the fantastic Socrative app to engage our audience in a quiz and a class poll and then used the Essential Skeleton app to see how biology or sports science could use free apps easily in the classroom.
The whole hour long session was delivered from my iPad with the main presentation running on the Prezi app. The management team left the session feeling inspired and motivated to invest in the technology that will change the way our students learn. No more will they power down to come into classes!
I’ve been asked to come into the SMT meeting this morning to discuss the implementation of this across the College. I’m really hopeful that we can implement a real technological change that will empower teachers and students in the College.
If anyone has experience of working with the Apple classroom, I would love to hear from you.

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