RSS Feeds and Delicious Bookmarks.

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RSS feeds are an excellent way of ensuring that your students, and colleagues are keeping up with current trends and news in your subject area. I like using an RSS widget like BlastCasta to display the RSS feeds. You can create a widget to embed in a variety of different places (blogs, wikis, Moodle sites, etc).

Here’s a blastcasta widget displaying the RSS feed from the BBC Technology  site:-



What you can also do is take an RSS feed from any of your tags on your delicious bookmark site. So for example, lets say you teach AS Maths. Use delicious to bookmark your favourite sites, and when you see a site that is relevant for your specific class, set the tag to be something unique relating to the class e.g class10ASMaths. Create a widget todisplay that tag in your delicious bookmarks and have this widget at the top of your Moodle site. You would have a constantly up to date list of sites that are relevant to your students and that are updated to keep your students interested in returning.

To create the RSS feed from a particluar tag in your Delcious Bookmarks you need to use the following format:[yourdelicioususername]/{the tag you want the RSS from]

so for my sites that I have tagged with elearning, the RSS feed address would be

Here is that RSS feed in a Blast Casta widget:-

I’ll create a screencast video walking you through the relevant steps as soon as I can.

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