I’m going to keep this page on my blog as it may be useful to some people using Moodle. Newcastle University use Blackboard so my use of Moodle is limited to work that I carry out as Boxwell Web Design. I’m happy to field any queries on Moodle but won’t be creating any further screencasts or blog posts about  it.


On this page I will be putting all things about Moodle. Our College has recently moved across to Moodle and I will be creating lots of walk through videos about Moodle and the various activities / resources that can be used. If there is anything you would like me to cover in one of the videos, please comment and let me know.

1) Introduction to Moodle

This is a video overview of Moodle, showing you how to change between topic / weekly view, turn editing on, etc.

2. Resources

This video covers the main resources that come as standard with Moodle. this includes inserting labels, text pages, and web pages. It also covers linking to a file or webpage, and displaying a directory.

3. Resources – Book

We have recently added the Book resource to our Moodle site and I have been really impressed by it. It’s really easy to create fantastic looking resources that can be printed out easily. I know a lot of lecturers are planning to upload Word documents for their students to look at, but how many are checking that all your students have Word on their machines at home? This is a good solution that means your students won’t have to buy any extra software to view your resources.

4. Activities – Assignments

This video will look at the four different types of assignments that you can create in Moodle.

5. Moving large amounts of content from Blackboard to Moodle.

One thing to note – Windows may struggle if your Blackboard folders have really long names. If you have anything that has a really long name, I would suggest altering it in Blackboard before archiving your course.

6. Chat Activity

This video shows you how to create a chatroom in your Moodle site.

7. Choice Activity

This video shows you how to set up a choice activity (basically setting up a poll of your class – apologies to England on this one!)

8. Embedding a google doc into a moodle site

This video will show you how to embed any type of google document into a moodle site. One thing to add to the video – if you want the spreadsheet to be displayed in a larger window in moodle, change the size options in the code. e.g. in my example, the embed code is : <iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”” frameborder=”0″></iframe>. To make this bigger, all I need to do is change the part that says width = “500” height = “300” to the values I wish.

9. Embedding Powerpoint into Moodle using

It is very easy to upload a powerpoint to Moodle using the file upload function, but I think it is more effective to embed your powerpoints into your moodle site. You can do this by using a website called This video will show you how to do this.

10. Glossary Activity

The glossary activity is very straightforward to set up and can be useful throughout the course with the linking option. The following video will show you how to set it up.

11. The Lesson Activity

The lesson activity is one of the more complex and powerful activities that you can get in Moodle. I’ve found a great video on Youtube that explains the basic part of the lesson activity really well. It shows you how to create different branches and questions, etc. The video is created by the user called UsingMoodle who has created loads of great Moodle videos.

12. Lightbox Gallery

The lightbox gallery doesn’t come with a standard install of Moodle but you can download it here. Once installed it is a great way of displying a gallery of images. Have a watch of the video below.

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