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One of my favourite tools over the past year or so has been Delicious Bookmarks. You can see my latest delicious bookmarks down the side of my page. In December, there was a leaked memo that showed the site owners, Yahoo, were going to be ‘sunsetting’ the popular site. This caused great concern amongst its users, although delicious has blogged since to reassure users that the site is not closing down (see that post here).

Google have had a bookmarking service since 2005, but has not enjoyed a massive uptake of use compared to some of its other services. They have today launched a new Delicious importer that will take all your bookmarks from Delicious, along with all the tags and will import them into their service. (click here to access the service). Is this coincidental timing?

I’ll be watching the developments with Delicious very carefully as Yahoo have said that Delicious will not be shut down but they are looking to sell it on to another company.

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