Implementation of Open Badges in Education

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On the 23rd of June 2015 a survey was sent out to educational institutions via UK mailing lists, and globally via Twitter inviting institutions to answer three questions about their implementation of Open Badges. The three questions were:
  • Can you describe what stage of the implementation of Open Badges are you at?
  • What areas are you considering using Open Badges for?
  • How are you planning to issue the Open Badges?

I am delighted with the 57 responses we received in the survey, and with ...

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Howard Rheingold and the art of crap detection

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In my previous post I mentioned the crap filter. I used this slightly out of context and felt it would be beneficial to blog about the crap detection and the crap filter in the context Howard Rheingold uses in his book,”Net Smart – how to thrive online.” I would like to point out that this is all Howard’s work and none of mine, except for the paraphrasing of his chapter! I would really recommend investing in a copy of ...

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